We are the Avid Sign Group. We make signs for smart businesses.

Fast Sign Production

We create signs fast to help your business gain a better visitor experience, improve workflow, attract new customers and so much more with sign and visual graphic solutions from Avid Sign Group.

Sell More Products

Exterior signs are an extension of your brand that your customers and prospects experience before anything else.

Perfect Design

Work with our experts to create a targeted content strategy for your signs.

We are the Avid Sign Group.

We make signs for smart businesses.

We at avid “are dedicated to giving our clients a product that describes the business as well as making it so appealing that with the first impression they want to try your product. we take a lot of pride in the finished product to make a statement that you also the client also want to give your customers the same impression in what you are selling to them. We make sure that your brand stands out to make you more unique then your competitor.

Our Services

We are a bespoke, full-service sign manufacturing company and work with our customers to ensure they get affordable and professional signage that raises awareness of their business.


Turning heads in the mall setting does not have to be difficult. The management company gives you clear guidelines with respect to the types of signage you may present. Working within this framework, you capture the eyes of passersby with dimensional letters that spell out the name of your store.

Corporate Design

Corporate signs hold a huge responsibility in your business and you may not even know it. When executed properly, corporate signs are all about your identity as an institution. They are silent frontliners of your business, designed to introduce your brand message—who you are, what you are about, and what you can offer—in just one glance.

Restaurant Design

When a potential customer passes by your restaurant, those precious few seconds they spend looking at your signage will make all the difference. We believe in the power of outdoor signs that are stylishly made and strategically placed…and that’s exactly what we intend to create for you.
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Our Expertise

25 Years of Experience in Signage.

Our team works with both big and small businesses, using our knowledge, expertise, and capabilities to provide high-quality service while keeping production costs down and delivering within expected timescales.

Residential Design
Commercial Design
Corporate Design

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We work with you to ensure every detail of your signage requirements is met throughout the design, manufacturing, and installation of your signs.